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Shakira, invitada de honor en la Universidad de Oxford

December 10, 2009

Shakira durante su discurso en el Ferwin Court de la Universidad de Oxford

Bajar Video De Discurso Aquí:

Discurso de Shakira 1
Discurso de Shakira 2

Shakira Sitio Oficial

Shakira’s latest video for ‘Give It Up To Me’ feat. Lil Wayne; Official CD release parties for the Latin LGBT community coming up!

November 17, 2009

Shakira’s latest video for ‘Give It Up To Me’ feat. Lil

Wayne; Official CD release parties for the Latin LGBT

community coming up!


Epic Records’ recording artist and international superstar, Shakira, has released her second single, produced by Timbaland and accompanying music video, “Give It Up To Me” featuring Lil Wayne, off her highly anticipated album, SHE WOLF in stores November 23rd. The “Give It Up To Me” music video is a dance showcase which stays true to Shakira’s culturally diverse routines and her unmatched ability to interpret them to her own signature style.

Known for constantly reinventing the art of dance in her videos, Shakira combines techniques from across the globe in “Give It Up To Me”. Shakira infused Jamaican dancehall with the complex art of “stepping,” which is deeply rooted in the African American culture of fraternities and sororities. Stepping is a percussive dance which uses footsteps, hand and body clapping to a beat in military precise formations which only Shakira could translate to the hard-hitting, energetic dance beats of “Give It Up To Me”. For an added twist, she learned an intricate, traditional Thai dance sequence for the video. Shakira fused the three styles, creating a cohesive and dynamic routine.

Fans had the chance to log onto Shakira’s Facebook page or watch and interact on Ustream on Monday, Nov. 16th at 3pm Eastern Time to witness the first ever live video premiere of “Give It Up To Me.” Powered by Ustream, the leader for live broadcasting on the internet, fans will have an opportunity to interact via chat and Social Stream.

Shakira collaborated with Grammy Award winning video producer Sophie Muller to capture the bold visual concepts of the video.

Over 95,000 unique users logged on in less than 30 minutes to view the live interview and video premiere of Shakira’s “Give It Up To Me”: If you missed the stream you can still watch it on Facebook,, or on the archived stream from

Official ‘She Wolf’ release parties

Epic Records in association with Granda Entertainment invite you to the official ‘She Wolf’ CD release parties for the Latin LGBT community starting this Thursday, November 19 at Kaliente Discotheque in Dallas, TX. All the parties will feature special shows, Shakira videos, She Wolf posters, T-shirts, talking pens and mugs.

Nov 19th – Kaliente Discotheque- Dallas, TX

Nov 22nd – Neighbors Club – Seattle, FL

Nov 24th – Score Bar – Miami Beach, FL

Nov 25th – Karamba Nightclub – Phoenix, AZ

Nov 26th – Circuit Nightclub – Chicago, IL

Nov 26th – South Beach – Houston, TX

Nov 29th – Sandals Nightclub – Miami, FL

These are just a few of the CD release parties for ‘She Wolf’ that will be taking place all around the country starting this weekend.

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